Stuff I Enjoy Using 05.14.2017

I recently concluded my first season of coaching duties at Great Valley High School. Many of the athletes would talk about how they always feel “tight” or they’re not “loose.” And many of them didn’t know that they could help themselves. They would usually resort to holding a stretch for 30 seconds and then switch sides. I would ask them afterwards if they felt better. The typical response: “Sort of”

Then I introduced them to self soft tissue work. I don’t tell them that it’s going to fix everything but it’s a start. I have been using more as of late products made my ACUMOBILITY. I really liked the redesigned foam roller and the Acumobility Ball. But many of the kids don’t have them, at least not yet. So what do I get them on?

GRID Foam Roller – Generally and Non-specific lower body rolling

Golf Ball – Foot.

Baseball/Lacrosse Ball – Lower Leg (Shin and Calf)

Softball – Quads and Hamstrings

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