Things I’ve Learned: Practice Year 1

“Year One” is officially in the books. I have had a great opportunity to work at Active Family and Sports Chiropractic and in that time I have learned a few things. I’m highlighting the things that stand out the most.
Office Environment is Most Important
It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect treatment plan, the nicest office, or the best equipment, if the environment mesh with the patients, they know it. Create an environment that they’re comfortable with – it helps with the outcomes and they’re more open to you as well.
Connect with the Patient
I think before treating the patient you should be able to connect with them. Patients may be hesitant, so before you spell out your treatment plan and how you’re going to get them better and out of pain, get to know them and learn about them.
Keep an Open Mind and Always Learn
1 year into practice, it’s safe to say my schedule isn’t backlogged and a “waitlist” is non-existent. So when I’m not helping patients, I’m reading. A LOT. I’m watching videos on mastering mobility drills and exercises. Learning exercise progressions and programming. If I’m not treating patients, I’m learning what I can do to help treat patients better.
It’s Okay to say “I Don’t Know”
If I knew everything, I wouldn’t be a chiropractor. If there’s a complex situation a patient presents with, I’ll do what I know, what I’ve learned, and what’s most comfortable with the skillset that I’ve accumulated. I haven’t been afraid to say “I don’t know” because most times you don’t know 100% what is going on with the patient, you can have your testing protocols or systems you use but your hypothesis is skewed to what you’re most comfortable with.
Don’t talk down on other Professionals or Treatment styles
In shadowing and observing on my downtime, it’s very easy to say well what I do is the best or that’s just copying me or that doesn’t work. If you’re good at you do, congratulations and props to you, but don’t downplay other professionals in the process. You aren’t there to see what the other professionals are doing to help the patients, so you shouldn’t be commenting on it.
There’s Never an Absolute in practice
The way you prefer to practice and work is your preference based off of what you have learned and how you believe you want to practice. But it’s not the only way. There are many roads to getting people better, don’t put yourself on a pedestal.
As we get started into Year 2, we’ll see what the future holds. All I can say is – I’m hoping to improve.


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