Stuff I Enjoy Using 05.26.2017

With the 2016-2017 Winter and Spring Track season coming to end with PIAA State Meet at Shippensburg University going on over the next few days, I’d like to thank Hyperice for the use of the Hyperice Raptor this past season. ¬†They were kind enough to send me one to use on the track athletes as apart of their Pre-meet routine¬†(you can see me using it on them here) we did prior to our track meets.

While I wouldn’t use it as apart of a treatment for patients coming in with a variety of different issues, right now, I would use it as apart of getting the athletes I work with ready for their big events. Whether it is a track meet, wrestling match, 5K race, lifting competition, I see the value in getting their bodies primed and ready for competition.

Let me know what you think! Or what you use for your athletes.

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