Stuff I Enjoy Using 06.02.2017

In the practice I work in right now, it’s primarily based on a lot of manual muscle therapy. He’s done a great job building his practice and his name on Active Release Technique. He’s a great provider. While I also do ART (probably just not a great as him) I also utilize Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization. For me I use it to help with treating soft tissue differently. It provides a different stimulus to the soft tissue and to the nervous system. I don’t scrap until the patient is bleeding or to make them black and blue for the next three days. But it has absolutely helped get patients range of motion back before we reinforce what we just did with adjustments and exercise.

There are a lot of great different tools you can get and the best part about it is you don’t need to spend 1,000s of dollars on them either!

Leopard Claws – Kelly Starrett, DPT

Gua Sha Tools

Mobility Tool – Erson Religioso, DPT

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