Stuff I Enjoy Using 6.09.2017

This week I wanted to highlight one of the main skillsets I am constantly trying to improve in. It’s my manual therapy skills. It’s not adjusting, but it’s my soft tissue skills. I have contemplated learning about Dr. Andrea Spinea’s Functional Range Release, and attend his seminars because I think he is changing the way clinicians practice (in a good way). I have been following him for about the last two years when I learned about his work in chiropractic school, towards the end of my schooling. But when I first started, I was introduced Active Release Technique. Like learning about anything new, you’re very intrigued. So I began learning more about it and taking the courses because it had seminars very close to me when I was in school and student pricing made it “relatively” affordable. But since graduation, it’s one of my main tools I use to help patients, clients, and athletes get better. It’s not the entirety of my treatment but it plays a vital role. The best part about it is it is not an invasive treatment and that you can always continue to build off of it. Dr. Leahy and Active Release have done a tremendous job in continuing to advance their courses. That doesn’t mean I’ve paid for all of them, but I like how they are continuing the push the envelope in the progression of enhancing health care professional’s manual skills.


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