Stuff I Enjoy Using 6.16.2017

Every Moonshot Needs A Rocket: I just got the first of the 3 shoes Nike recently rolled out for it’s Breaking2 Marathon attempt. While I’ll probably won’t get the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, the shoe actually worn by the elite runners, I have gotten my hands so far on the Pegasus 34 and the Nike Zoom Fly. I’ll be writing my review on the Pegasus 34 and how it compares to the Pegasus 32 and the Pegasus 33 and my thoughts on it. But I do love the Pegasus 34. There have been some very subtle upgrades and it’s now my new training shoe for the time being.

The Pegasus 34. I took them out on a 5K Run! I’ll be writing my review on them shortly!

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