Stuff I Enjoy Using 6.23.2017

The Goblet Squat and It’s Variation. It’s often a forgotten squat variation. Truth be told, it should be the squat after the air squat that many athletes and general population athletes should be using before going into a back squat, front squat, or any other squat variation. The goblet squat has become a staple in my training and with training of our high school athletes. The reason is because it’s an exercise that is much easier to grasp and I use it as a prerequisite to allowing to back squat and front squat. It teaches the athletes to properly brace the core, lock down the shoulders, and focus on maintaining an upright position. Dr. John Rusin wrote an article on the goblet squat and how you can use it for many of you training needs. Enjoy!
Here’s a test I used to determine if I should be progressing to heavier squats!
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