Stuff I Enjoy Using 7.14.2017

Landmines! I think the landmine is an underutilized tool in training and rehabilitation for various injuries. I know of only a few physical therapists, chiropractors, and even trainers who utilize for training and rehab. There are great articles written on the numerous benefits of landmine training and it’s versatility. Some benefits just to name a few:
+ Assist in development of scapular control and development of upward rotation of the scapula
+ Assist in CORE development in the standing position or half kneeling position
+ Allows the individual to work in multiple planes of movement
Quick Hits:
– Avoid keeping the elbow tight into the body, you want some daylight between the elbow and the chest (in the first video I didn’t give enough space)
– Brace the abdominals and low back, back extension is not necessary
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