Stuff I Enjoy Using 08.04.2017

I have been absent the last few weeks and I apologize for that. But this week’s highlight is an article from ESPN. As many of you know James Harrison, currently with the Pittsburgh Steelers, is still causing havoc in my offensive backfields. He’s been mainstay as a Pittsburgh pass rusher for the last several years and has held off the likes of Jarvis Jones, Bud Dupree, and TJ Watt (rookie) to name a few. It’s been noted how sharp he keeps his body and the amount of money he invests in his body to keep it healthy. While he mentions the people he works with are underground and not on google. And he uses Chiropractors…!

Other Notes:

Ryan Shazier mentioned The Drip Room. It’s a very interesting concept. I watched some of the videos and it’s something to keep an eye on as ways to continue to improve your health. Studies and Research hopefully coming.

Body Tempering. It’s wording that I like using with the athletes. But I don’t go through the same measures as placing very heavy cylinders on the athletes. But I’ve considered trying and will do in the future as apart of my body work as I ready for the upcoming half-marathons I have scheduled. You can get your body tempering tools from Kabuki Strength.

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