Weekend Sendoff: August 11th 2017

Article(s) I Enjoyed: Pete Dupuis writes a lot of content on the business aspect of starting gyms and being in the athletic performance space. He’s part of the team to bring about Cressey Sports Performance, one of the premier training facilities in the States. They work with countless of athletes from young development through the professional ranks, which is something many healthcare providers and trainers aspire too. I know I do. He recently wrote an article based off of a Fast Company article.

Gym Machines I [also] recommend patients to avoid: Dr. John Rusin wrote an article about machines to avoid in the gym. I think there is a place for machines in the gym. Currently, I use them exclusive to finish off a workout after getting through the bulk of the gym. So if I want to top off my chest and back work, for example, I’ll hop on the chest press and the lat pulldown and horizontal row machine, to get gross movement and primary muscle movers involved. But a common thread on the machines you should be avoiding, are “core” exercise machines. There are much better options that don’t require equipment and you can simply do that’s more protective of your back and hips.

Podcast I had to listen to Twice…this week: I listen to Joe Rogan’s Podcast. He’s so interesting. He does stand-up, he does long form interviews, he commentator for UFC, he works with a company I hope to be in association with: Onnit, and in his spare time he’s a serious archer. He sat down with Dom D’Agostino who’s a professor at South Florida, and huge proponent of the Ketogenic Diet. So much information to process and notes to take. Give it a listen!


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