Weekend Sendoff: August 25th, 2017

Mayweather or McGregor? That’s the biggest draw in sports this weekend right? Before you hang out and watch the fight take a minute to see what I liked this week.

Hot Take in Youth Sports: Sports specialization is a hot button topic. It’s really widely debated amongst parents, coaches, and trainers. There was a study done through the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine about if there is a benefit on sport specialization. This study states there doesn’t seem to be an advantage for athletic development with sports specialization. I’m am one for promoting kids try as many sports as possible and play as many sports as possible. If your athlete starts to develop an affinity for a singular sport or has a recognizable talent in one sport, that’s great – and develop and foster that particular set of skills, but also allow them to continue to participate in other sport activities. Just because your kid plays one sport their entire youth development, does not guarantee them any sort of Division 1 scholarship.

A Goal of Mine: Someday I will open up a clinic that will be a hybrid of a sports clinic and a gym. Tony Gentilcore, has been someone I’ve been following and trying to emulate certain aspects of his path. In particular, being yourself and not being fake. He wrote a great article about running his fitness business, which wasn’t what he set out to do right away, but he’s pretty good at it now!

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