Weekend Sendoff: September 1st, 2017

Great Article(s) I read this week: This comes from Tony Bonvechio, co-owner of The Strength House and BonvecStrength. He wrote articles, here and here, about deloading. Deloading is a topic not only used for barbell movements but can be applied to many sports and used at different times during a season, depending on the situation. As I continue to prepare for my races and getting the young athletes ready for their football and track seasons, i’ll use a lot of what he has to say about deloading athletes. Looking back on last season, I know I made a few mistakes with a few of the athletes and how I was managing their workload through the season. So reviewing his information will be a great plus!

5 Dumb Stretching Myths: Coming from Dr. John Rusin, a performance physical therapist, his content is something I look at to daily. I learn a lot from his content and his unique take on physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Podcast(s) I listened to this week: Freakonomics did a mini-series on Bad Medicine. It takes you through how Medicine is Science-ish. The first episode looks at mistakes of trial and error, the second episode looks at clinical trials and how they’re run on “dream patients”, and the final episode is about medical error and how it is the third leading cause of death. It was a great listen to how, just because someone says they are scientific and evidenced-based practice, doesn’t necessarily mean their practices are based off a “good science.”

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