Weekend Sendoff: September 15th, 2017

There’s nothing wrong with change. This article written out of T-nation talks about how you know when you should start adding change to your exercise program. As someone who recently changed from 4 sets of 3 repetitions to a 6×6 training split, it was a nice set of guidelines to help me make the correct changes and to make sure I’m making smart changes.

If there’s something I really enjoy learning about and wish I could get more detail on is Collegiate strength and conditioning programming. Of course you can google it in hopes of getting details. Men’s Health was able to get an inside look at the Florida State Strength and Conditioning program and some of the things that they do. Some of the stuff I would absolutely love to add to the S&C program at Great Valley.

Dr. Ryan DeBell is someone I have been following since I entered student clinic at Palmer College. He has really great insight and a nice spin on chiropractic and the knowledge chiropractors can provide. He did a nice video of moving every joint and it’s a practice I’ve been including into my daily routine. If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have your day under control!

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