Weekend Sendoff: September 29th, 2017

Sorry about missing last week. Life happened very quickly, but that’s no excuse. Regardless, here’s some viewing and reading material for you this weekend!

Fittest Men and Women, according to Sports Illustrated. I really like these sort of yearly articles. It’s a nice summary and reminder of just how far human anatomy and physiology has come. This list is consists of the 50 Fittest Athletes. With some of the athletes I’ve never heard of, I end up doing a little more digging to testing myself to see if I can even do one of their workouts. Usually doesn’t work out to well.

The Cold Hard Truth: I thought this was a great article written by Dr. Mike Nelson, who was writing a guest post for Dr. John Rusin. I think it’s easy for healthcare providers to say I work with athletes, and many of them will usually lead off with it as a sign that they’re the best (I’m not really sure why – because saying you work with athletes I guess is a sign of status). It’s something I have aspired to before in the past, but you realize athletes don’t pay the bills, nor do they actually need you. So personally, I don’t really care if you like to lead off with “I work with the best runner in the county or I work with a lot of elite runners.” Congrats, we’re all replaceable to them.

So I’ve started doing Crossfit recently….and the sites I’m using to get my “WODs” are as followed: Crossfit West Chester, Crossfit Invictus, Crossfit Main, and Crossfit Main Line. I recently read an article about how you can go about “crossfitting” prior to actually crossfitting and how you can go about preparing yourself if you do not go to a traditional box or crossfit gym.




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