100+ Straight Days of Running

I have been running everyday since June. While the running streak is meager compared to this, this one, and many other ones, I would say a 100 days is a slight accomplishment and I’m going to continue to make updates every 25 days. Right now I have to run at least 1 mile, but I will starting in October be bumping up the requirements to 1.25 miles minimum for the day to count. Regardless here are some things I’ve learned being 100 days strong.

Rotate through different sneakers:

Your shoes need to rest too. Rotating shoes can help prevent injuries, rotating shoes allow your shoes to recover from longer runs (yes it’s a thing, the cushioning systems needs to rebound to stay in proper form), and it can extend the life of your running shoes. The shoes I’m currently using: Nike Zoom Fly and the Nike Pegasus 34. I am looking to get Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%.

Mix in different running workouts:

    Tempo/Lactate Threshold Runs: faster-paced workout or comfortably hard pace for a particular distance of your choosing.
    Fartlek (Speed Play): periods of fast running mixed with periods of slower running. It’s different from Tempo runs because with Fartleks you can mix up the pace and distance of your faster periods and slower periods. Tempo runs are structured.
    Ladders: start with a short[er] distance and increase the increments, get to a max distance, and then work backward down the beginning distance.
    Intervals: intense effort short distance or longer distance efforts that are followed by recovery for the same amount of time.
These are two run workouts that I haven’t tried yet and feeling nervous too!
        Yassos: usually called Yasso 800s they were designed to help gauge the ability of what time you can run in a marathon. A series of 800 repeats at given time which can potentially translate to your marathon time.
        The Michigan: it is a combination of a Fartlek and Short tempo runs. It’s a combination of misery and feel so good when you’re done.

Crosstraining Helps:

Whether you want to crossfit, tabata style, or general weightlifting, cross training provides a lot of great benefits to runners. I can’t push weights enough on the runners I have been fortunate enough to work with. Stack.com wrote an article to the benefits of cross training for runners.

Update: Currently at 122 straight days and just completed my fourth month (June-July-August-September)

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