Weekend Sendoff: October 13th, 2017 Edition

Happy Friday! I’m only a 8 days until my first half-marathon of the 4th Quarter. I’m running the Baltimore Running Festival . It’ll be the first of 5 I’m doing as apart of my “runner’s” bucket list. Follow the journey!

Fall Reading: Brian MacKenzie is someone I learned about through following Kelly Starrett. He wrote a book that I have used in preparation for my half-marathon training. I don’t necessarily do traditional long runs, speed workouts, and recovery runs. I have implemented weightlifting (olympic, crossfit, some powerlifting) into my training. Dr. MacKenzie’s book has been vital to me to think about training in non-traditional ways and to enhance what it is I like to do (lifting) and incorporate the running program into.

I love Tony Gentilcore‘s work. I admire him from afar (and hopefully meet him someday). He published a great article on his blog about getting results. Because when it comes down to it. It’s what we all want.

Pavel Tsatsouline, father of Kettlebells. The man is just a fountain of knowledge. Love his podcast with Tim Ferriss. He wrote an article are preparing his father become an American record holder in powerlifting. Incredible.

Stack.com organized a quick article about traits and behaviors some of the best athletes in the weightroom have in common. It is relevant to me, because I’m in a unique space of being around high school athletes at work (because I coach) and around high school athletes that I get to treat at the chiropractic office.

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