Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers Injury Discussion

Packers fans are in uproar. Daily fantasy players agitated. Fantasy owners scrambling over looking for a new QB. Yesterday against the Minnesota Vikings, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone after he was tackled by Vikings OLB Anthony Barr.

He has suffered a broken collarbone previously, but it was in his non-throwing shoulder. This time, in his throwing shoulder, which puts his season more at risk, since a “standard” 4-8 weeks. But that is going to depend on the severity of the broken collarbone. Furthermore, are there going to be any complications, and then you need to account for him not only returning to everyday activities but also he has to be able to throw a football 70 yards with some zip and strengthen to the point he can take another hit.

There are 3 different classifications of Clavicular fractures
– Type 1: Fracture of the middle 1/3 clavicle – is the most common
– Type 2: Fracture of the distal 1/3 of clavicle
– Type 3: Fracture of the medal 1/3 of clavicle

While each presents with it’s own set of potential complications, what you want to determine following any sort of traumatic event that causes the fracture is:
– Did the clavicular fracture break the skin?
– Are there signs and symptoms of vascular damage? or nerve damage?
– Does the fracture heal cleanly and no signs of malunion or nonunion?
If there’s a yes to any of these questions, then surgery is going to the option.

But if he’s going to put into a sling and allow the break the heal naturally, then, Mr. Rodgers can start rehabilitation right away, through the athletic training staff, strength coaches, physical therapists, and chiropractors (yes I’m aware he has a shoulder injury and general belief is chiropractors only treat the spine).

What could I do?
Well first and foremost, we’re going to work the soft tissue. We’re going to work the muscles that encompass the shoulder, the scapula, the collarbone, and the neck. We need to help mitigate pain and manual muscle work. Also we’re going to work a lot of isometric shoulder and arm exercises to maintain the current strength he has. Grip exercise work is also going to be very important. The first several weeks we are just looking to keep the strength he has and eventually progress into restoring the range of motion of the scapulothoracic and glenohumeral joint. And as long has he progresses nicely without setbacks (usually pain and no change in range of motion), he has an opportunity to be cleared in 6-8 weeks and play come Week 15.

Happy Healings QB12.

Update: Aaron Rodgers has opted for surgery. It means the injury was severe enough either through the bone breaking through the skin or there was a drastic displacement of the collarbone it could not just heal back together and screws would be require to connect the bone. I believe it will most likely end his regular season and potentially the post-season if the Packers do make it.

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