Weekend Sendoff: October 20th, 2017

Officially kicking off the 50 in 50 Bucket List Challenge. It’s my goal to run 50 half marathons and 50 marathons in all 50 States. I have technically completed my first state, Pennsylvania, years ago. I am running in the Baltimore Running Festival this weekend, as a half-marathon. I have done the research, and this race is one of the premier races for Maryland.

Black Panther Trailer: Yes I’m very excited.


I’ll admit, I am generally a sucker for new technological advances in musculoskeletal rehab. Last year, I borrowed Hyperice Raptor to help treat the track and soccer athletes I got to work with during the spring season. A lot of the kids liked it a lot and asked if I was going to get it again to use for this upcoming winter season. I don’t think I will due to the price, but that hasn’t stopped me from looking into other alternatives for the kids. There were two article written, here and here, that highlighted new technologies that may be worth the price point.

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