Sunday Quick Hit: Help Recovery from Long Runs

Happy Sunday!

Foam rollers, lacrosse balls, massage, and other fancy recovery tools rightfully so get a lot of the buzz. But an underutilized way to help with recovery, just elevating your legs. The only work involved is sliding yourself to a wall or propping your feet on a bench or couch.

The original concept was that it helps remove “Lactic Acid” from the body. Yeah no one knows.


  1. It can help with edema that build up in your feet and legs after a long run, because your feet and legs do swell.
  2. It is a relaxing pose, which helps influence the nervous system to be in the “rest and digest” mode.
  3. It can provide a nice passive stretch of the hamstrings (if straight legged).
  4. It also may help with some low back pain

Coaching Cues:

  1. Prop your feet or legs against the wall or on the bench
  2. Hang out for 10-20 minutes
  3. Nice relaxed diaphragmatic (belly) breathing
  4. Integrate after long runs, heavy lifts, speed work days
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