Weekend Sendoff: October 27th, 2017 Edition

It’s been one week since I finished the first of five half-marathons. My next is November 5th, in Princeton, New Jersey. This is what I have for you this weekend.

Podcastjust finished: Courtney Dauwalter just won the Moab 240. She finished in 58 hours. That’s insane. Her podcast was a fun listen just to understand her mindset behind running and training. Fun Listen!

Mike Connelly, founder of Rebell Strength and Conditioning, wrote an article on what he learned being in a commercial gym setting before venturing on his own. For me it’s valuable as I eventually prepare to start my own journey of opening what I hope to be a Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Performance facility. I’m currently working on trying to get my DPT, just need to get into a school! So let’s keep grinding away at that.

This week’s theme seems to be based on business building, but Dave Asprey, who has built an incredible business, outlined some stuff fellow entrepreneurs, health care providers, and new business owners can use to help them build a strong business. I’m there now. I am trying to build, with patience but also with the mindset let’s build fast and build strong.

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