Sunday Quick Hit: Anterior Hip Tightness

Happy Sunday! This is the second week of SQH. If you’re dealing with anterior hip tightness. There’s probably quad stretches or psoas stretches you’ve been told to do. Even the best hip flexor stretch!

Courtesy of Mike Reinold, DPT – of Champion PT and Performance

But something else you can try is simply activating the anterior core, which includes your psoas and iliacus.



  1. Helps reduce anterior hip stiffness and tightness
  2. Helps with hip flexion range of motion
  3. Helps strengthen the anterior core
  4. Helps reduce low back pain

Coaching Cues:

  1. Set up in a front plank position
  2. Spine neutral, your feet can be shoulder width apart of feet together
  3. Elbows bent to 90 degrees and placed directly underneath the shoulders
  4. Gently rocking on your toes and about your shoulder, creating a “sawing” effect
  5. Keep hips low and not to over extend or over arch your back


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