Weekend Sendoff: November 3rd, 2017

On Sunday, I’ll be running in my second half-marathon of the season! I’ll be traveling to Princeton, New Jersey to run the HiTops Princeton Half-Marathon. I’m pretty excited, since it will be the third state of my 50 in 50 State Half-marathon bucket list. Here we come, Princeton.

It’s pretty obvious, I’m very new to writing short posts about topics I believe are relevant to what I’m building and how I believe I can continue to help the populations I come across. I hope as I continue to write more, the writing improves, the typos decrease, and the content becomes even better and insightful. One way I’m learning to improve is to continue to read and learn from others. Tim Henriques, a well-known coach, is writing a short series on becoming a better writer. And I’m taking notes.

Compression Garments will always be a hot button topic. Andy Peloquin of BreakingMuscle on the potential of aiding athletes in recovery.

*Yes, I saw this movie on Opening Night. He’s probably my 3rd or 4th favorite Avenger.



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