Princeton 13.1 Half Marathon Review

Expo Review: Well, it wasn’t nearly the same expo power that Baltimore had. But in it’s defense, it’s a locally run half-marathon. Bib pick-up was at the local running store. So when I picked up my race bib, they were open for business and outfitting runners. The day of the race there were a lot of vendors. There was a physical therapist tent, massage tent, and a lot of different supplement tents. I think has the event continues to garner more attention, I think the expo will become a whole day event and move out of the running store.

Sneaker Review: I once again rocked the Nike Zoom Fly. For the forseeable future it’s the shoe I will be running. At least for any half-marathon. There were actually two other runners I saw there that were wearing the Nike Zoom Fly as well! I approached them afterwards, but was too nervous to ask for pictures because I wanted to show it off to the world!IMG_7950

Course Review: The course was not nearly as hilly as Baltimore’s course. There were two major hills, Conrad’s Lift Off and Superhero Highway. The first hill was a longer hill with an elevation gain of +150 feet. Overall the total elevation gain throughout the course was 660 Feet. The second hill I think was steeper but definitely shorter. Also, the course was a mix of road, trail, and grass. It was really neat because it took you through all of Princeton. We ran past the river, through the trails, past the woods, and into town. screen-shot-2017-11-05-at-20-05-31.png

Closing Thoughts: This was the 6th annual Princeton Half, so I believe it’s still growing. It was scenic, which had a nice calming effect for the entire race. The scenic nature of the event, I think allows runners to stay focus and run well. There were Pacers (which Baltimore didn’t have for the Half) that were awesome. The Pacer I was behind was coaching a small group through the entire course. He was fantastic. I just want to put it out there, if you run with music – I’m all for it. What I am not a fan of, not wearing headphones when you play music. It was distracting, so please to all runners, please wear headphones when you run.

There are no photos available yet. But it was fun course. That is now State #2 off the list. I won’t count any previous Pennsylvania half-marathons on the list until I run my next one on November 18, 2017 at the Philadelphia Marathon series. 

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