Weekend Sendoff: November 10th, 2017

First and Foremost, Thank you current and former military service men and women. Salute to Service 11.11.17. College football teams have special uniforms, the NFL has the Salute to Service, and the NBA has special warm-up tops.

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Article to Read: This article was written in the New York Times. We’re at an interesting crossroads with obesity, diabetes, and diets. There are documentaries that try to sway people to go vegan, go vegetarian, or go paleo. There are articles that promote detoxes and others that call detoxes a scam. Well the New York Times, wrote an article about how the Sugar Industry paid Harvard scientists to essentially downplay the role of sugar on heart disease and shift it to saturated fat. Give it a read. It’s troubling.

Eric Cressey, in my opinion, is one of the best in the performance industry. He has great free content and he’s someone I’m always learning from and taking stuff away from him. He literally just published an article on program design. Something I need to improve as I continue to work with young athletes at the high school level.

What if you didn’t pay per month for gym memberships and you only paid for when you wanted to use it? Fast Company has an article for you. There would be no need to call the “corporate offices” of LA Fitness or Planet Fitness to cancel your membership for next month. You pay as you go. Right now it’s only at boutique gyms in New York, of course…

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