Sunday Quick Hit: Active Your Lats when you Deadlift

This probably isn’t the first article you have read about deadlifting. I also can say, it probably won’t be your last. Something I’ve seen over the last few years with going to different gyms is when people are deadlifting, they are forgetting to activate their lats. Deadlifting is more than just picking up the bar from the floor.


  1. Helps get your lumbar spine into neutral.
  2. Stabilizes your lumbar spine to preparation for lifting.
  3. More muscle recruitment = more muscle to help lift = potentially more weight lifted.
  4. Protects your lumbar spine from having a flexion moment (which can lead to an injury).

Coaching Cues:

  1. Get yourself set up and roll the bar close to your shins.
  2. Set your hips and knees up.
  3. Try to bend the bar over your shins, literally.
  4. Imagine putting your shoulder blades into your back pocket. Or imagine trying to squeeze an orange in your armpits. You should feel your back suddenly straighter and very compact and tight.
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