Weekend Sendoff: Thanksgiving 2017 Edition

Happy Holidays! Hopefully you weren’t one of the individual listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Hopefully you all set new Personal Bests in your local 5K Turkey Trot.

I don’t hide the fact that I love Nike. I wear Nike products. Also, I have set a new goal of running 50 half marathons and 50 marathons in all 50 states and all 7 continents. I currently use the Nike Zoom Fly. But I have tried numerous times to get my hands on the Nike Vapor Fly 4%. There have been studies, funded by the Swoosh, on the benefits of their latest running sneaker. Below I list what site published each article. Wired. Runner’s World.

As many close to me know, I coach football and track at a high school. While many of them know I am a chiropractor I have taken great pride in helping them through off-season and in-season training with their strength and conditioning programs. I have an upcoming article that will detail my strengths and weaknesses I have had in my first 2 years at Great Valley helping to develop the athletes. A good article about high schools hiring full-time strength and conditioning coaches.  While not every district can afford to do so with cuts being made, it at least had some foundation to create an argument.

I have contemplated using Fatigue Science.  A lot of teams use the product and service to help their athletes to manage an entire season. This article goes in depth to the impact it has had in the NFL and NBA to name a few leagues.


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