Weekend Sendoff: December 1st, 2017

And it’s finally here!


Now back to real life. I’ll be running the Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon on Saturday morning. It will be my 4th half marathon race in 8 weeks. Also it will check off the 4th state needed in my quest for 50 half-marathons in 50 states bucket list. It’s a relatively flat course based off what I’ve looked at. So hopefully I can keep pace and get under 1:30! Also, I have already signed up for Philadelphia 2018! I’m doing both the Half and the Full that weekend! You should do it too!


Ironically, I’m currently on a 180 day running streak and it will have added a few days by the time this has posted and run its course for the day. But a good article by Runner’s World on the importance of taking rest days. A lot of people can show what their workouts are like on social media but some often don’t show off their rest days. Be sure you get rest days in. For me, I use rest days as an active recovery day where I can go on a real short jog and then roll out and stretch as part of my active recovery!


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