Weekend Sendoff: December 22nd, 2017

Only 3 Days left until Christmas! I hope many of you have been watching Elf, as much as I have. Because it’s literally the greatest Christmas movie of all time. If you don’t have it, buy it!

When I first saw this article, The Olympic Lifts are Overrated, I immediately clicked and reacted, but afterwards…makes sense. It’s a fun read.


The Airplane Project. By Gary Vaynerchuk. He did a mixtape of his thoughts, ideas, rants while on a plane. I listen to his stuff a lot. He’s one of the people who has just convinced to just do this. And I really enjoyed this listen.


5 Ways to Minimize Low Back Pain. Andrew Millet, DPT. He’s someone I have followed and read his stuff. He does put out great content and this works well with the 12 Days of Core I did via instagram. Here’s a quick sample!

Patriots Ban Tom Brady’s Trainer. One of the men behind TB12. Trainer Alex Guerrero has been given new restrictions by the New England Patriots. ESPN wrote an article on him and the methods that has gotten Tom Brady to his level of health and sustainability.  But he certainly isn’t without his controversy.


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