PT School 2018. DPT 2021.

This is my first post of 2018. Specifically January 1st, 2018. In a few short hours all my attention will be watching Oklahoma play Georgia and a few hours later Alabama play Clemson. But until then, I just would like to say that I have been accepted into Neumann University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program for 2018.

When I got the phone call, it was after the office had closed and I was getting ready to leave. I got off the phone after being accepted and just danced. A combination of sorts of Russell Westbrook and Chandler Bing.

Well it took a lot longer to get in than expected. Full disclosure, there were a lot of days I was fairly agitated I didn’t get in, especially right after completing chiropractic school. I thought it would have been easier to get in, but I was wrong.


Specifically there were 21 rejection letters, emails, and phone calls. 21 stiff arms straight to the face. 21 schools gave me the “Unfortunately due to the high volume of qualified applicants…” There were a few schools, at my request, who gave me actual insight as to why I didn’t get in.

But I just kept at it. There wasn’t a day that passed that I hadn’t thought of getting into school. I talked about with coworkers, patients, and close friends about trying again and hoping to get in. And there were plenty of conversations of “Why?” or “Are you sure it’s necessary?” With that said, it was not as though there wasn’t support. They just wanted to learn more about my decision making process.

All I could do was wait another year for the applications to open up again and try again. I continued to shadow clinics. I knew this was something I wanted, it was not a pipeline dream, it was a goal. Paul Levesque, also known as Triple H, said once on The Tim Ferriss Show about the difference between a dream and a goal:

A dream is something you fantasize about that probably will never happen. A goal is something you set a plan and work towards and achieve. So the people that were successful models to me were people that had structured goals and then put a plan in place to get those things.

It can be a questionable decision because going to school is expensive. And with the shift in healthcare practice. Chiropractors (not all but some) are using more exercise-based treatments and  physical therapists (not all but some) are using manual-based and using manipulation and adjustments in their care.

For me I just want something more. I want to be apart of the complete treatment process. From post-operative to performance therapy. I felt incomplete just practicing chiropractic medicine the last few years. I somehow felt I was cheating on treatment but not being able to offer more exercises or better exercises or care.

It has nothing to do with titles or letters behind my name. Heck, I don’t call myself a “doctor” now and don’t plan on it anytime soon and earning the “doctorate of physical therapy” won’t mean I’m suddenly a doctor either or a more qualified one. For me, I just want to maximize the treatment plan and maximize what I can be as a provider.

I have big goals for myself in the future and high expectations to the type of provider I want to be and expect to be.

I’ll absolutely still being performing chiropractic medicine through school. That’s not going to stop. I just believe the work and treatments will continue to evolve as I go through school. And I can’t wait. I am completely aware, it’s just the start. I didn’t cross a finishline, I’m just getting started.

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