Weekend Sendoff: January 5th, 2018

To the first weekend sendoff of 2018!

What I’ll be watching: It is not until Monday, but the National Championship Game! The Georgia-Oklahoma semi-final game was great. Super entertaining and fun to listen and read all the comments and thoughts a lot of people had around the country. The Alabama-Clemson trilogy was not quite as riveting but I still enjoy seeing Alabama win! I hope the Crimson Tide can contain Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, and DeAndre Swift.


The Success is in the Struggle: By Eric Cressey. It rings true for me. Some days at the office, it’s not busy for me. From missed appointments, to cancellations, to patient preferences. I just have to remember that it’s part of the grind. All I can control is getting better at my craft and being as knowledgeable as I can be.

Help Prevent ACL Injuries: Tim Danchak, a strength coach out of North Carolina, wrote an article on DrJohnRusin.com about ACL injuries. ACL injuries are common. Especially in younger athletes, particularly young females. Let’s be proactive about helping the youth!

Two More States in the books: I have signed up to run in New Hampshire and West Virginia. That will put me “halfwayish” towards my goal of at least 5 more states to run half-marathons in.


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