Weekend Sendoff: January 19th, 2018

Happy Weekend All! NFL Conference Championship games are this weekend. I hope to get a Super Bowl rematch of Philadelphia and New England if they can each win their respective games. If Jalen Ramsey (who I am a huge fan of has anything to say, it’s not gonna be New England)…

But we’ll have to see what happens. Regardless, here is what I have for you guys this week!

clinical athlete

To Foam Roll or Not To Foam Roll: A podcast by Clinical Athlete. Clinical Athlete was found by Quinn Henoch, DPT. He’s a fantastic source. I really like his stuff and use it a lot for treatments here in the clinic. Foam Rolling is hotly debated topic and he discusses on his podcast.


Successful People Always Chase the Impossible: Article written by Alyson Griffin. I certainly do not consider myself successful by any stretch of the imagination. Not one bit. But I can tell you this, I do a lot of chasing.


A Better way to RDL: Ben Bruno, fitness trainer. Try this variation to help improve your RDLs.


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