Weekend Sendoff: January 26th, 2018

The Eagles are getting another shot at the Super Bowl in over a week. I couldn’t be more excited since the last time they went to the Super Bowl I was a freshman in high school. But beyond the fact that I’ve asked every patient this week on their thoughts on the Eagles, here’s what I got for you this week.

Long Live the “CHIROPRACTIC” Spinal Manipulation.  Regardless what you think of chiropractors, whether you think they’re “not real” doctors or you trust your chiropractor as the only healthcare provider in your life; this was a fantastic article by a sports chiropractor in Florida, Dr. James Spencer. I personally do not refer myself as doctor but I do find it annoying that the general public does not acknowledge other chiropractors who do preferred to be called “Doctor.” Listen, you still have to go school and pass national licensing examinations. It’s not like the exam is a bunch of random questions they pull from Trivia HQ or google healthcare questions. If you go to college and graduate school to earn your “doctorate” then you earn the right to have “Doctor” in your title.


KT Tape makes Headlines! The tape used in the AFC championship game was KT Tape. While KT Tape and other Kinesiotape has been researched extensively to determine the benefits, which are not great, it seemed to help here. Who can Tom Brady thank for the tape application? Dr. Neal ElAttrache, the surgeon who operated on Brady’s ACL, was the doctor who came up with the idea to tape his hand.


Everything you need to Know about Recovery. Dr. Mike Israetel wrote an article on things that work well, things that need more research, and things that don’t work well in terms of recovery for athletes. Great Read.


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