Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck Injury Discussion Part 4 – Outlook

This is my final post based on Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury. I hope it was informative and able to take away something. If his injury rehabilitation teaches you anything, it’s that recovery isn’t always an exact science. Just because you are four weeks post operative doesn’t mean you should be at this milestone and checkpoint. He had surgery 13 months ago, his case appears to be an outlier given what he has been going through.


That at times you can have setbacks, you may have a break that doesn’t go your way. If you surround yourself with a knowledgeable staff and a dedicated staff, there’s always an opportunity to return better than your injury. And hopefully that is the case with Andrew Luck.

Remember he’s in the General Physical Preparedness phase, to get him ready for the the 2018-2019 NFL Season. He’s training to get his body right and his shoulder right.

I want to make sure that everyone knows, that it has not been reported that he’s throwing since he was shut down back in November. He just continued to receive treatment. By all accounts he is continuing to prepare for the upcoming Organized Team Activities in April.

Multiple news outlets reported that he is traveling the California to work with Tom House. He will be training at 3DQB, where quarterbacks like Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Jared Goff have trained at. The Indianapolis Star wrote about what Colts’ fans can expect with him training with 3DQB.


I hope he’s back. And my expectations is that he’ll be limited throughout OTA and Mini-camp. Anything that could draw media attention, the Colts will have him be limited. He won’t play any preseason games.

While I hope there are no other major setbacks and as long as he progresses I think he’s back playing Opening Weekend for the NFL 2018-2019 Season, healthy.

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