Weekend Sendoff: February 23rd, 2018

Here’s what I got for you guys this weekend. The NBA’s second half of the season has started back up. High school winter track season is coming to a close with Indoor States this weekend and Indoor Nationals next weekend.

How can you not be motivated by this? He ran a FULL Marathon in all 50 states and all 7 (8 if you count Zelandia..?) in one year! His website, eternal endurance, as a list of all the races he ran in. The story is combination of awesome, motivating, and bonkers. But it’s something I want to do. I have highlighted and mentioned that I want to run 50 half-marathons and 50 marathons in each states, 7 halfs and 7 fulls on each continent, and then the Big 6. But this may be on bucket list…

World Marathon Challenge
Marathon Tours


Please just listen to this. It was a motivating podcast. David Goggins is intense! Or he’s just honest. You have no excuses after listening to him.

The TB12 Method for Runners? Seemingly every few months there is a new way to begin training or a new way to treat the body. The TB12 is no different. But Runner’s World had an article discussing if Tom Brady’s method could be used in runners. My take: any sort of training, nutrition, health system could work if there’s enough time and effort invested into it.


The Issue with Most Powerlifting-Specific Programs. Interns and fitness professionals coming out of Eric Cressey and Pete Dupuis’ Cressey Sports Performance always put out great content. This article is no different.

barbell (1)


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