Weekend Sendoff: March 9th, 2018

I hope everyone is having a great week. Selection Sunday and Daylight Savings Time is this weekend. So get ready to fill out your brackets and pick The Duke Blue Devils to win it all. Here is what I have for you this week.


Debating Speed: Is Acceleration, Max Velocity, or Speed Endurance Most Important? In the spirit of Spring track starting this week, I read an article that debates which factor is the MOST important when getting your athletes to run the fastest. While acceleration, maximum velocity, and speed endurance are all very important, if you had to choose one which is it?

protein powder for fitness nutrition to start training and measure tape stone background

Science Discovers How Much Protein You Need. A new meta-study determined to the exact gram how much protein you should be taking each day for lifting athletes.


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Another new Metcon for 2018. I’ve been working on my review of Nike’s Metcon 4. But to my surprise, which it really shouldn’t be, they are releasing a third Metcon this year. The Metcon Free. It could be replacing the Metcon Repper from last year.


The Five Best Single Leg Exercises for Strength, Balance, and Agility. Another great article by Dr. John Rusin. He’s a physical therapist and strength coach that I try an emulate with the way he incorporates physical therapy and performance. While I don’t know if he treats general population, he has a lot of great concepts that can be used for general population.

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