Injury Discussion Updates: Football

With the official start of the NFL year beginning today, I just wanted to provide an update on some of the NFL’s biggest names. Over the next coming weeks a lot of injuries that’ll be discussed most likely will end up being basketball, baseball, and soccer related. College football spring practices will begin in but injury leaks and news will be limited unless there is something major to a star player.

Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts, Quarterback


Injury: Torn Posterior Labrum

Current Prognosis: He is returning to the Colts’ facility for off-season workouts after spending time in California working with Tom House. Andrew Luck has also come out and said that a second surgery is not an option and that “ship has sailed.” I believe he’ll be ready for Week 1 after an injury, sustained in 2015, that caused him to miss all last year.

JJ Watt, Houston Texans, Defensive Lineman


Injury: Tibial Plateau Fracture

Current Prognosis: He has come out and said that he should be ready for training camp. Training Camp isn’t until end of July. He has posted of him running, which is a good sign. The concern with him isn’t just the tibia but also his body. He has missed significant time over the last few years due to major injury. You have to wonder how healthy is body is and how durable he can be. While you can’t blame him for training has hard as he has in the past, you have to think could his past training regiments be part of the reason he’s sustained his injuries?

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, Quarterback


Injury: Broken Collarbone

Current Prognosis: He was placed by Injured Reserve after they had lost to the Carolina Panthers late in the season. He was put on IR so he couldn’t get hurt again not playing. He returned late in the 2017-2018 season to make a push for the playoffs. He’s recoverying and health and should be in discussion for NFL MVP. He’s good.

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles, Quarterback

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles

Injury: Torn ACL and LCL; potentially IT Band and meniscus involvement.

Current Prognosis: There is a potential he plays at the beginning of the 2018-2019 NFL Season. I believe it’s a risk for him to only be playing nine months after suffering the injury. I have no doubt that he will return for the season, I just don’t believe he should until he has complete confidence in his knee.

Dr. John Kelly, an orthopedic surgeon, voiced his concerns on the injury. He stated that it is not just an ACL, but it’s an ACL plus 2 at least. Comparing potentially to Robert Griffin III’s injury.

Richard Sherman, San Francisco 49ers, Cornerback


Injury: Ruptured Achilles

Current Prognosis: Not only did he completely rupture his right achilles in a game, he also had surgery to clean up the debris in his left achilles. He does have a history of ankle and foot problems. He’s slated to return for the start of training camp, but like any sort of fast-twitch athlete, the achilles are vital for an athlete’s ability to be explosive and be able to make quick and smooth transitions in and out of breaks. While he may return as a 30-year-old cornerback, the question remains is if he will be effective.

Allen Robinson, Chicago Bears, Wide Receiver


Injury: Torn ACL

Current Prognosis: After signing a 3 year contract, he’s good to go. He will be ready for training camp. He continues to rehabilitate every day and should receive clearance in July to participate in training camp. His injury occurred after his first catch of the 2017 season.

Jason Peters, Philadelphia Eagles, Offensive Tackle


Injury: Torn ACL and MCL.

Current Prognosis: He may not start when training camp begins but there is optimism that he will be playing this upcoming NFL Season. He tore his knee back late in October and given the position he plays, he may not return until November or December depending on how he progresses. You have to be concerned if he’s loss a step, given that he is also 36 years old.

Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans, Quarterback


Injury: Torn ACL

Current Prognosis: Ahead of schedule, reported by many and even stated by Head Coach Bill O’Brien. He should be good to go for the start of the NFL season in September. It’s believed he will be at Organized Team Activities in April.

Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants, Wide Receiver


Injury: Broken Ankle

Current Prognosis: His head coach, Pat Shurmur, said at the combine that he wasn’t sure if Odell will be ready for the start of the training camp after suffering his broken ankle in October. Also some of that could just be because he’s holding out for a new contract. Which is getting off topic about the point of the post. But he should be ready to go unless he does suffer any major setbacks in rehabilitation which nothing has said he has suffered any. Given suffering a broken ankle, rehabilitation can be very extensive just to return to daily life and activities again aside from being a phenomenal athlete and one of the best NFL players. Expectations are he’s playing Week 1.

Other Notable Injuries:

Joe Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Cleveland Browns – Torn Triceps Brachii, should be cleared for training camp.

Dalvin Cook, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings – Torn ACL, should be cleared for training camp, but not a surprise if he misses training camp, all of preseason and return for the regular season since he did tear his ACL in October.

Kam Chancellor, Safety, Seattle Seahawks – Neck, forced him to end the season, it was considered career-threatening. He has not been cleared to return to football yet by team doctors and independent doctors.

Donta Hightower, Linebacker, New England Patriots – Torn Pectoral muscle – should be ready to go for the start of training camp and be completely full tilt for the regular season.

Jordan Hicks, Linebacker, Philadelphia Eagles – Ruptured Achiles, may not be ready for training camp and may miss the start of the season.

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