Weekend Sendoff: March 16th, 2018 Edition

I have signed for another half-marathon, it will be taking place April 8th. I’ll be hoping to complete the eighth state on my 50 half-marathon goal. I’ll be running the Coffee Milk Half-Marathon. The Coffee Milk Half-Marathon is held in The Ocean State, also known as Rhode Island. But here’s what I have for you this weekend.


Enhancing the Coach-Athlete Relationship: I love coaching high school and middle school kids. It’s something that I started doing when I first got into practice. There was a great post about how to enhance communication between yourself and the athletes you get to work with on a daily basis. It is something I have always wanted to improve and know that the better I can connect and communicate with them that it does have a direct and indirect affect on their training and performance.


The Top 10 Supplements for Speed & Power Athletes of 2018: Lists like this will always be altered. New research and reputable research will always be published. Also not everyone will respond to the list on here. The list can be starting point for where you can help athletes, I’m careful recommending supplements because you just don’t know how it can affect their body since you don’t know their physiology. But the guide can be helpful in getting them on track.


3 Essential Branding Lessons from a Rare Steve Jobs’ interview. Steve Jobs, still taking us to school everyday..



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