Weekend Sendoff: March 23rd, 2018


Gym Owner Musings Installment #10 – Pete Dupuis is the business end and co-owner of Cressey Sports Performance in Boston, MA and Jupiter, FL. He’s been someone I’ve been following and learning from since I was in Chiropractic. I really enjoy his installments of Gym Owner Musings.


Lessons learned from Dr. James Andrews – Mike Reinold, well-known Physical Therapist in Boston, Massachusetts and owner of Champion PT and Performance. He got to work under one of the BEST surgeons in the world, Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL. He released a list of items he learned from Dr. James Andrews.


Inside LeBron’s Body Work – Brian Windhorst is an ESPN Writer and has been following LeBron James throughout his entire career. He wrote an article on the inner workings of how LeBron has been caring for his body and the health team he surrounds himself with. I could only wish to be apart of a strong team like that soon! A very similar article posted through Business Insider was published. He spends 7 figures a year! X,000,000…


2018 NFL Draft: Why Quarterbacks have to show They Can Throw – It’s NFL Draft Season. I enjoy watching the NFL Combine and NFL Pro Days when I can. While I don’t believe there is too much value in throwing and performing in shirts and shorts, I do think it can’t be thrown completely to the wayside. Experts say they don’t put much value into it but then the next day they’re saying this prospect really helped their stock or this player is now tumbling down draft boards.

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