San Francisco Giants Madison Bumgarner Injury Discussion


It’s still in spring ball and training camp has been ramping up in preparation for Major League Baseball’s Opening Day 2018. One player who will not take the mound on Opening Day is San Francisco Giants’ Madison Bumgarner. He broken his pinkie in his left hand after taking a line drive on March 23rd against the Kansas City Royals.

Anatomy Review:

Yes another hand injury. Klay Thompson, fractured thumb, and Tua Tagovailoa, broken index finger have been the most recent posts we’ve talked about. Today, we have a broken left pinkie finger (fifth metacarpal). It’s rumored that he fractured his fifth metacarpal.

The fifth metacarpal attaches to the hamate, carpal bone. The most common fracture of the fifth metacarpal is known as a boxer’s fracture. Most fractures of the metacarpal bones occur with a high velocity impact forces. Being hit by a line drive would fall under that category.

X-Rays will confirm the severity of the fracture. Also it can show if there was any other bone involvement such as the hamate or if there is damaged to the phalanges of the fifth digit. While screws and pins will be placed to help with the healing process.


What Treatment Could Look Like:

Treatment will be developed around a few things:
Decrease Pain and Inflammation
Wrist Mobility
Grip Strength
Individual Finger Mobility and Controlled Movement

Pain and inflammation will be done through manual work and instrument assisted work since he will have pins in his hand. There won’t be any use of TENS and electrical stimulation nor ultrasound for the time being. Much of the manual work will not only be around the fracture but also parts of the hand, wrist, and forearm as well. The reason manual work will be done in the forearm is because a majority of the muscles that control wrist and hand movement originate in the forearm and the long tendons insert at different locations of the hand and wrist to allow for controlled movement.

Once he is out of the splint regaining finger mobility and dexterity is important. Finger mobility will then allow for treatment to focus on strengthening his grip and strengthening the muscles of his hand directly instead of indirectly.

Ways to strengthen grip:
Ball squeezes
Dumbbell or Kettleball carries
Deadlifts (Conventional or TrapBar)


My Take:

He’s missing the first part of the season. His target date will be end of May/beginning of June. While he is missing a considerable number of starts, it’s not out of the question that he returns to his dominant self. As long as he doesn’t have any setbacks in rehabilitation or with pins and screws inserted in his hand, he should return without limitations and good to go. He’s not missing 2018.

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