Weekend Sendoff: March 30, 2018

The Open 2018 of the CrossFit Games is over. I’m about a week out from my next half-marathon and I’ll be running the Coffee Milk Half-Marathon in Rhode Island. Happy Easter everyone, this is what I have for you.

lifting fail

His Top Five Least Favorite Coaching Cues: Mike Robertson is a well-known strength and conditioning coach and I’ve been using his work for several years, even before Chiropractic school. He’s someone I’ve been using even more since I’ve gotten in the high school setting and the strength and conditioning while working in the chiropractic setting. And well, I’ve used the coaching cues he talks about here and safe [NOW] I’ve grown past them!

After Taking Care of His Body, Thor ready for Season: Mets Pitcher Noah Syndergaard also known as “Thor” talks his new approach. I don’t treat very man baseball athletes. While every young provider thinks they can do it all because at times you are chasing the dollar bill, I have to know my limits and where I think I can excel at and when I know it’s better to recommend someone else. But I really enjoy seeing professional athletes begin to make changes and invest in their training and their bodies instead of just continuing to do the same thing.


Does The Open correlate to winning the CrossFit Games? Maybe. MorningChalkUp seems to believe so. Interesting read..

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