Superhero Workout Series: Mobility Like Spider-Man

I want to preface with this…Spider-Man is my favorite superhero of All-Time.

Everyone wants to be a superhero and have superhero powers. Yesterday we talked about different tips to help you improve your recovery after hard training days or after competition. “Recover Like Wolverine.” And today we’re going to improve your mobility to have the moves like Spider-Man.

While you could use explosive exercises to help build the bounce that Spidey has, this is strictly using mobility drills to help the range of motion in your joints. The ability for your joints to move through their full range of motion and be able to withstand all the load is important for health and performance.

My recommendation is to cycle through a few different exercises at at time like a circuit. Aim for about 10-15 repetitions per side with 30 – 60 seconds of rest after you complete one around of each exercise on each side. You won’t be mobile after the first time, but building a consistent program is important and key to improving your mobility.

These aren’t the only mobility drills, these are just some drills to try to improve your mobility. I’m sure the mobility drills you see here may not be as sophisticated or impressive as you have seen, but we have to start somewhere.

Why Mobility is so important:

  1. Decrease the Chance of Injury
  2. Keeps Joints Healthy
  3. Become Stronger
  4. It’s low-tech, you don’t need much more than yourself to improve your mobility

Overhead Banded Shoulder Mobility.

Tip: Make sure you aren’t arching your low back
Tip: Make sure you keep your rib cage down and not let it flare

Thread the Needle for Thoracic Mobility.

Tip: Keep your core tight
Tip: Keep your stable arm straight and not bent

Scapular Foam Roller for Thoracic and Shoulder Mobility.

Tip: Keep your core tight
Tip: Maintain light pressure through the entire foam roller to help engage the rotator cuff muscles

The Cat-Camel for Spinal Mobility.

Tip: It’s not a race
Tip: Focus on slow and controlled movement and try to segmental move each vertebrae

Hip Rolls for Adductors and the Groin.

Tip: Make sure you keep your low back straight
Tip: As you roll back to your heel, you open up the straight leg and as your roll onto your hands you close down the straight leg

Hip Circles.

Tip: Keep the core tight

Hurdle Drill for Hips.

Tip: Maintain an upright posture
Tip: Set hurdles at an appropriate height

Butterfly Drill for Hips.

Tip: Practice

And Last but Not Least, The Spider-Man Push-Up

Build your mobility. It is great for your joints. It helps lubricates the joints and helps improve the range of motion in your joints, if you maintain a consistent mobility program.

Baseline mobility is important for building strength and power. Having the ability to take your joints through a full range of motion can allow for your muscles to optimally lengthen and shorten.


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