Weekend Sendoff: April 6th, 2018

This weekend, in snow or high winds, I’ll be running in my eight overall half-marathon since I have started my bucket list. I’ll be traveling to the Ocean State to run on the CoffeeMilk Half-Marathon. But here’s what I got for you guys this weekend.


5 Ways to Get Better at Writing Training Programs. This one for me hits home since I have a say in the lifting program for the track kids at Great Valley. I admit I try to be general for most of kids and a little more specific for a select few, I know I still need to be better. Thanks Tony G!


5 Quick Fixes for Pain-Free Bench Press. Dealing with pain when you bench press? Well you shouldn’t. Try these quick fixes from Physical therapist John Rusin.

Podcasts I have been listening to on repeat. Joe Rogan and Dr. Rhonda Patrick. It’s just information overload. So that’s why I need to listen to it over and over.

Have A Great Weekend!


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