Superhero Workout Series: Resiliency Like Iron Man

The leader of The Avengers? One of the most popular Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for sure. While he doesn’t have super speed like Quicksilver, brute strength like The Hulk, the flexibility of Mr. Fantastic  he does have to shoulder armor could weight upwards of 150 to 250 pounds and the Hulkbuster armor weighing at _____ (I haven’t found any sort of numbers yet through the wonderful world of Marvel Comics). But it’s heavy and with that said, Tony Stark needs to build the body that allows his body to sustain and carry the weight of the armors he wears.


So exactly how are we going to build a strong body? It starts with building a strong core and we’re going to start inside and work outwards. He doesn’t need the bench press or the biceps curls machine. But his body does need to be able to withstand the weight of the armor he carries. Probably by the end of his article he’ll have created a new suit that he can wear as a necklace and it won’t even be very heavy but until then let’s build a body that can withstand attacking Thanos and carrying the Hulkbuster Armour.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

  • Load your hips
  • Maintain and neutral and engaged lumbar spine
  • Activate your lats to help lock your spine in a neutral position

AB Wheel Rollout

  • Neutral Spine
    • Don’t allow your pelvis to be in the anterior pelvic tilt position, it places too much of a load on the low back
  • Movement can come from your spine or your shoulders
  • Movement should not be primarily from the hip flexors
  • Hips and shoulders should move simulataneously

Single Arm Kettlebell Swings

  • Movement is through the hips
  • Movement is not through the low back, do not initiate with your low back
  • Thrusts your hips forward and engage and lock the core when the kettlebell reaches eye level

Kettlebell Suitcase Carries

  • Walk 20-30 feet
  • Maintain an upright and engaged posture
  • Pack your shoulder with retraction and downward rotation of the scapula
  • When the grip goes, you need to stop

The exercises were chosen in terms of building core and low back resiliency. Too often we are unable to do the activities we want because we just don’t have the strong foundation we are suppose to have. So giving yourself baseline strength exercises such as these are a great way to build that. Having a base of muscular strength and muscular endurance allows you to do many other exercise movements efficiently and effectively.



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