Weekend Sendoff: April 20th, 2018

It has been about a week since I wrote anything of relevance. Or really just anything throwing ideas and thoughts out. There are lots of changes going on right now and we’re just working through them. But with that said, that hasn’t stopped me from reading great articles throughout the weeks.


20 Random things I’ve learned from being a Pro Level Strength Coach.  Sean Light, former LA Laker Strength Coach. I would say some days it’s got to be nice to be at the highest level in terms of professional sports and being a provider for one of the major sports franchises. While I don’t necessarily attach that to being successful it has been a pipeline dream. For me, I just want to know what the daily routine is of a Tom Brady, LeBron James, or Mike Trout is like. I want to know how the sports medicine unit operates at Golden State, at Ohio State University or with the Philadelphia Eagles.


Eric Cressey does it again. He’s been a great person for me to read and study up on because of where he is in terms of training and influence on young trainers and practitioners alike. Two strong posts this week with:
Random Thoughts on Long-Term Fitness Industry Success
Random Thoughts on Sports Performance Training


With the Boston Marathon finishing up Monday evening at midnight, we’re looking ahead towards the London Marathon. The London Marathon is featuring a very stacked field and Mo Farah is looking to stack claim to the podium, but does he have it? What was unique about Boston this year? The women’s finishers between 2-6, you might not have ever heard of before.

PhiladelphiaMarathonLogo (1).jpg

It was really fun watching different parts of the Boston Marathon, reading the stories coming out and getting excited for the upcoming London Marathon. With that said, Runner’s World published a list of races you can run if you’re looking to qualify for it. And I’m using the Philadelphia Marathon this year in November in attempts to qualify for Boston 2020.

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