Race Recap: Philadelphia Broad Street 10-Miler

My second year of Blue Cross Broad Street Run is in the books. The race did not disappoint. Last year I ran with much less running experience than I did this year. I’m running much more consistently and incorporating different types of run training than I did last year. Last year I ran 1:11:42 (7’10” per mile), so this year’s goal was to run Sub 1:10.


Expo Review:

No expo for me this year. I was coaching at Lower Merion on Saturday and coaching at Henderson High school on Friday for our high school track team.

Shoe Review:


I ran in my Nike Zoom Fly. And so did a lot of other people. There are probably 45,000, and I saw a lot of variations of the Zoom Fly. There was the traditional Zoom Fly, the Zoom Fly SP, and there were a few people in the Nike Vaporfly 4%.

I consider anything that isn’t a half-marathon or a full-marathon a training run. So I opted not to use the Nike Vaporfly 4%. It’s a great sneaker to run in and train in. It’s stable yet light.


Course Review:

Who doesn’t love a straight-line race. With an overall downhill race running through different parts of Philadelphia? It’s a really fun race. There’s nothing but support throughout the entire course. You’re never alone. The water stops and gatorade stops were strategically placed which is a benefit as well.Β IMG_5403.jpeg

There’s not much to complain about since the course hasn’t changed in it’s 39 years. I think the one change I wish they could make that they probably can’t make due to the space is wishing the course would end as you cross into the Naval Yard and not have 1/4 mile left to go. But because of where the course starts there’s not enough room to back up the starting line without making it a logistical nightmare for the corrals.

Closing Thoughts:

I plan to be running this race next year. It just all depends on schooling. Next year’s goal will be to run a Sub 1:05 or Sub 65 minute mark. Which is going to take more focused running work (tempo runs) and speed work to get to the condition I need to be in to run a fast time.


I think it’s one of the best races you can run. Granted my sample size is small given the fact I don’t run every race in every state. It made Runner’s World 25 Iconic Races that aren’t Marathons List.

Happy Racing!

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