Weekend Sendoff: May 11th, 2018

One week away from the start of Physical Therapy school at Neumann and I’m beyond excited and the wait is finally over. We have six kids currently going to the District I Track and Field Championships and I’m hoping to get five more kids to the dance. We’ll see what happens! This is what I have for you this week.


Becoming a Morning Runner. I’m trying. I am really trying given how my schedule works out. It’s my goal to get the longest portion of my run in the morning before I do my afternoon/evening workouts.


Things We Have Changed Our Minds About. Mike Reinold and his team up at Champion PT and Performance have always been a resource for me. I really enjoyed this podcast because it just goes to remind me that you cannot be married to your ways in treatment and performance.


Networking or NetWORKED? Networking is important and meeting the right people is important to any business.


3 Protein Myths to Stop Believing. Protein myths will never stop being a part of today’s performance culture because you’ll get a different answer from every trainer.

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