Weekend Sendoff: May 18th, 2018

It is District 1 Championship Weekend! Great Valley has seven athletes going! Friday’s portion of districts are prelims and Saturday will be finals, so let’s hope our athletes get to Finals on!


Next, I start Physical Therapy school on Saturday. It’s been five years in the making so I am ready to get started. So in three years hopefully I’ll be a physical therapist. Here is what I have for you guys this weekend.


The Most Dangerous Nutrition Myth. Interesting Read from T-Nation.


5 Important Lessons on Balance Training. There’s more to balance training than standing on a Bosu Ball. Great stuff from Eric Cressey.


There is more to sport training than the Big 3. You need accessory lifts. Great article from Stack, What is an Accessory Exercise? Everything You Need to Know.

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