Weekend Sendoff: May 25th, 2018~

Happy Holidays and Happy Weekend. This weekend is the conclusion of track season where Pennsylvania’s best will be competing at Shippensburg University for PIAA Championship Meet (States 2018). I have been privileged enough over the last few months to have treated several athletes who have a chance to bring home some hardware on Friday and Saturday! So Good Luck to those competting!


I’m sure there are going to be a few of you who are going to be doing the Crossfit Challenge: Murph over the weekend, so good luck to you that are doing.


Top 20 Hacks for Strength Coaches. I recently had a post about what I learned in my second year of coaching. Something I didn’t include was how to better physical prepare the athletes and that you’re always learning through latest research and training trends.


Podcast this Week: Ben Greenfield on the Joe Rogan Experience. Always a great listen. Ben Greenfield is a high level endurance athlete and he’s fascinating. Please give it a listen!


One Thing That Annoys Me About the Fitness Industry. Tony Gentilcore goes on a nice rant. I really do enjoy the content he releases. He’s a great follow on Twitter and Instagram too.

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