Physical Therapy Mid-Term Week Recap

It’s been four weeks since the start of PT school and we just concluded our mid-term examinations for Anatomy.  This weekend was all anatomy from start to finish. We took a quiz on Saturday (more on that shortly) and then we took the mid-term practical portion and mid-term written portion.


It kicked my butt. I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t prepare like I should have. The quiz grade showed and put me in a position to play catch up on my grade to hopes of getting the grade I am working to attain. While no one to my knowledge has ever asked their PT what grade did you get in anatomy class your first year, it’s more of inner accomplishment thing. I laid an egg and it put me in a hole for what Sunday brought.

There was a lot of catching up to do. From 1 pm to about 10 pm, it was neck deep into the notes and books. With the occasional food break for cheesesteaks and of course my running streak.



Lab practical portion of the mid-term, I thought, went well. It was fairly straight forward and just identifying muscles, nerves, blood vessels. And we got to go over it after the first group of test takers went through it. Afterwards, I was trying to calculate best case scenario for what it would do to help my grade.

Lecture written portion of the mid-term, I was much more prepared for sure. Many of the questions were very straight forward and it was a matter of making sure I didn’t get attachment sites confused for the muscles in the foot. One of the most annoying (but it naturally happens) parts of taking an exam and waiting around to do the next part is when everyone is talking about answers to this question or that question and all the different possibilities. But I knew I had made a few mistakes already when I went through my notes. But we’ll see what the grade says when it comes in.

All I want to do is position myself to get A’s and give myself the best opportunity. So we’ll see what position I’m in once the scores are posted but I know for certain that the hole I put myself in is going to be something to climb out of. But here we go. The finals going to be in about five weeks for Anatomy.

Oh and by the way, I still have Biomechanics Lab mid-term and Lecture mid-term either this week or next week….Bring on the exams.

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