Physical Therapy [Another] Mid-terms Recap

It’s been a fairly exciting weekend. I’m writing this as LeBron James officially announced he’s going to continue his career with the Los Angeles Lakers. But aside from that NBA shifting announcement, I officially completed the first midterm examination for the second class I’m enrolled in at school, Biomechanics.

Class Comparison – Anatomy: Neumann University and Palmer College

With only three weeks left until the Lab final and Lecture final, anatomy has been moving at a blistering pace. In four hours of lecture on Saturday, we have completed the basic anatomy of the spine. In seven short weeks, we have navigated the hip, knee, lower leg, ankle, shoulder, elbow, forearm, hand, and spine.

The next two weeks will cover internal organs and then we have finals. While I’ve been taught this material several times now, you’re always taking away something new from it. Professors explaining concepts a little bit differently, you’re getting the anatomy from a practicing clinician, compared to a researcher, or a professor. But it’s going to come fast.

Class Comparison – Biomechanics: Neumann University and Palmer College

And our first mid-term has been concluded. While it wasn’t the first test administered, it did have different stakes given the term “Lab Practical Mid-term.” It’s what you would expect, last minute clean-ups on the “proper” way to muscle test or the “best way” to palpate. The most important thing, in my opinion, is just staying calm. There’s no need to be frantic, it’s getting your test questions taking your time and thinking. I was told I passed and that’s all that matters.

***The lab testing portion, was different than my testing procedures at Palmer. At Palmer, we were given number and letter grades. That would calculate into your score which would affect your grade. At Neumann, our grades are purely pass/fail and so it does not affect my letter grade. 

We’re about halfway through Biomechanics. About six weeks left, in which we’ll have a written final exam and a written lab exam. This course does not have a written mid-term exam, which is nice, but we have been taking weekly quizzes. So onto the next week.

In three weeks…..

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